Love yourself

Show it. Write a poem to yourself. Take yourself out for a date. Embrace every moment you've lived and made lives better. Celebrate each moment as a victory over things which tried to pull you down, but failed. It is only when you know how to love yourself, you can carry a second soul in yours. Life shall dance again, only if you shake a leg.

Bersyukur apa adanya

Tak semua yang aku nak dapat.
Tapi looking back at it,
Mungkin tu yang tuhan dah plan,
What i want may not be the best for me,

I'll do my best,
Treat people the best i could,
And will try not to expect anything in return.

Hidup jadi sakit bila kita ada too much expectations , standards.

Aku perlu belajar cherish all the little things . Dan gembira dengan diri sendiri .

dunia sekarang bukan lagi "what you give you get back".
People can give you anything, 
Just anything. 
Kadang-kadang things you couldn't expect from the person you less expected.
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